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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hmm this is my second book out. Being recruit is expected, heard so much army stories until i'm a prepared recruit before i enlisted. So life there is still ok.. over there confirm shag you out before your night out, so dun worry for those who yet to enlist, first few days of the confinement week its hard to get asleep cause there would not be much training for you. Everything would be introduction to you, kinda lots of lectures, admin time would be the best, you get to enjoy most of the admin time. Adapting to the life there would be a problem, in tekong its kinda different when you are in singapore, you got to wake up as early as 4.30am (which i did a few time) for several morning activities, Water parade would be the one most hated by us recruits, early in the morning where the sky are still as dark, half full water bottle drink up!!! After that most probably would be the traditionally 5BX hahas.
I'm 1 more week away to end of my PTP phase, i guess the following week after ptp phase would be hectic, more shag out for me.. Its good to be shag out, at least they make you til you sure able to slp before the nights out!..

This week before the day i book out, heard bad news from my mum abt my dad, haix my mum and I had expected it.. What we can do now is take a step at a time, a day at a time too..

"From boys to men". I must be strong again to face everything that would happen, both in army and my family.

2:21 AM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bye ppl!! hahahas i going into tekong in 3 hrs! see ya all in 2 weeks time.. LOL.

4:50 PM

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hahahahs this post would be full of laughter, reason cause joanne is involved!! Her signature laughters LOL. ok tis day was quite a rushing day, all the activities all at night. In the noon was working some stuffs! So first went down for a fast dinner with my family for my sister belated bday=). After that reached home msn jack and co for a place to go later after midnight. As usual we had no conclusion hahahas! Ard 10pm rushed down to chomp chomp, a dinner with secondary friends(girls) Miao Ling and Joanna the other 2 cant make it. oh too bad really was the guys treaing! So Miaoling and joanna brought their life partners along, we snatch to pay for the foods hahahas! Had a great time with them there chatting! After tat went ice cube for dessert, which i nv eat for the first time, cause my tummy cannot stuff in any more stuffs LOL. Got to know kai jie didn't know how to count!! Hey ML pls teach kaijie well!! hahahas~

alright after tat alex, jack, joanne, diana, bertram came to serangoon garden meet me up and had some bites there. After which headed down for prawning session! Hahas after that Kaixiang came, with Jie ru. Lol we had a great time there. Bertram caught a nice and heavy prawn! not bad not bad!!! You got little tricks from us already rite hehehes. At first i worried prawning would be boring, but that is not possible when joanne diana and jack are ard. LOL we chatted ard jokes and teasing wahahhahas a fun & enjoyable one. So joanne i still owe u a waterfall? hahahas. and that is your ' motails' LOL. Jack was teased as a Dai Sai jack! lol poor jack oh myy. haha in conclusion a great session with all of you guys!! Thanks really =)!

10:25 AM

Ok been not posting any post for several days... I had been feasting omg can you imagine wad i ate? i shall list down later haahas.

Ok list of what i had been feasting:

1. Vienna Restaurant international Buffet
Hahas its quite a spread there really, sashimi, fresh oyster (yummy), peking duck, abalone salad and etc.

2. Shohuko @ Heeren
This is similar to the previous village or Marchie, but the only difference its all the foods there are japanese. To me its not bad ba, abit over-priced the food so-so nia.

3. Manpuku @ Tampines One
This is similar to Shohuko @ Heeren, but went with poly friends after graduation ceremony. Maybe the feeling is different hahahas! the food the quite nice, Jack recommend de ma ritee! hahas and thanks for the suprise by my polymates over there really! A nice cake for my belated bday so touched seriously! too bad cant get hold of the pictures~ So this explain why got kinda gd impress of Manpuku

4. Waraku @ East Coast
Hahas ok another Japanese Cuisine, this Waraku is casual Dining theme, had unagi omelette hotpot i guess, with salmon sashimi, rice, tempura. And this is just a set, individual set nia omg. Very filling indeed, overall the food is fresh and tasty =) had several other side dishes too. After the session walked with a bloated tummy hahhas.

5. Chomp Chomp (Many times)
As usual, the best place for stingrays and its BBQ seafood. So the glutton melvin had no mercy there, not only once but several times!! Whack all the BBQ seafoods into my 'universe' tummy. Chicken wings, gigantic sugarcane juice, oyster omelette, hokkien mee and not forgetting the Egg Beancurd hahahs!

6. Ice ^3 (ice cube) @ Serangoon Gardens
A nice place to have a plate of waffle ice-cream infront of you and their crepes! So i did exactly IT, went there with Kaixiang (just two of us emo rite) hahas to enjoy the waffles, ice-creams, crepes!

7. Global Kitchen High Tea Buffet @ Pan Pacific Hotel
Ok was a farewell high tea from my SIFE company really glad!! The high tea selection there was quite a spread indeed as describe=) I first tackle the finger food stuffs: fried crabclaws, chicken wings, satays, Ee Fu mee, Roasted Duck, fried scallop and etc. After a great opening of finger foods, went onto the Laska!! wow self service somemore, thus no mercy from me, with little bee hoon and lotsa of prawns, fish cakes and all the ingredients wahahahhas! Sedupp!! (i think its the right spelling). After the laska, carry on with light food stuff, salad! hahas oh my Melvin will eat salads! oh yesh i did! salads with ham, smoke salmon Woooo niceeee! After all this main courses hahahas, went onto 2 rounds of desserts, had all the nonya kuehs, cakes as they are kinda bite size. Had this really nice bread and butter pudding (if i nv remember the name wrongl) its really nice!!

8. Swensen @ Tampines after tat Ms ling place (pizza)
Wow had great time dinning with my poly frens! LOL swensen we order student meals wahahahah!! "Student meal worr"! after that walk ard and headed for another makan session at our C.P condo for pizzas! Ms ling is really nice!! Thanks for the treat and had great time there at the condo so much fun, especially the swing, jack iterally make everyone who sat it on falls! the best and nice one was christine signature fall! wahahhas.!

9. Timbre @ subway with poly classmate! (A.J.M) hahha nice time whenever karchun is ard seriously! hahas!!

So these 9 places feasting session a fruitful one? after reading does it make u craving for any of it? Hahas if so pls ask me along too!! 2 weeks from now when my first book out. you would be the first to see my botak head wahahhaas!!!!

9:54 AM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes been missing those wonderlaand moments hahahas!

Ok this song i had been listening for days, i know its quite a old song but whenever i hear it thoughts has been rushing through my minds.. here is the song 原谅我:

请不要分了以後 还记得亲吻过的承诺
你的永久 已不属於
默默低头 那时很多 话哽在喉咙

你的笑你的快乐 或许爱太多想太多
能感受 他比适合
爱放了手 伪装冷漠 比你先说分手

原谅 原谅不成熟
不爱你是藉口 好让你离开

原谅 好想自私将你占有
你的寂寞就给承受 换你过更好的生活

请不要分了以後 还记得亲吻过的承诺
你的永久 已不属於
默默低头 那时很多 话哽在喉咙

你的笑你的快乐 或许爱太多想太多
能感受 他比适合
爱放了手 伪装冷漠 比你先说分手

原谅 原谅不成熟
不爱你是藉口 好让你离开

原谅 好想自私将你占有
你的寂寞就给承受 换你过更好的生活

Like the chorus most hahahas! maybe its the song, maybe its the singer too.

1:03 PM

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lost In Wonderland.. I think you brought me to this fairy land of yours during the 7 hours of work..

Hahas i'm so lucky that i know you! Today at golden mile came a lady nokia's promoter, you are really pretty i admit! Lol you got all the beautiful features on you, especially your eyes. You made my eyes fallen for yours wahahhaas. Ok overheard from your conversation with our colleague you are from indonesian and here to study local polytechnic. Hey how i wish i'm able to keep contact with you! Hahas if you manage to explore and view this blog pls tag alright hahahas. Wow i never had this feeling, so refreshed although i had only 4 hrs of sleep. Too bad 7 hours of working hrs is way too short!! You are so virtue, so refined, your smiles are always that sweet. oh my am i obsessed over you? Are you the "beautifully 'imperfect' person" that i'm had been searching for? Ok please ignore those nonsense sentences of mine. But seriously you areee soooo attractive, gorgeous, fine-looking and beautiful! I had nv use so many descritive words to describe a lady the only common word i used was pretty. If i would to be your friend, i guess its the best gift i had ever recieved hahahas. In addition, i never been that shy towards any girls until today when i first saw you. Don't even dare to talk to you at first but managed too hahahas. Oh all my colleagues asked for your contact but i'm too shy to get from you (first time hahahas).

Ok shall stop elaborating about this lady whom woken the slpy Melvin up, if not it would a freaking long post hahahas.

Today was my last day in golden mile, YouFa treat me some thai dishes hahahas and asked me to take care in army lol. hmm i thought work today would be as bored as routine, but its NOT hahas think you guys would know the reason.

Oh my i got nth to blog alr worr.. but alot of things to say abt that nokia girl keke!

6:39 AM

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just managed to reach home after a midnight movie "night of the museum 2" The movie wasn't that bad, can catch this movie if you are free=)). Alright this morning sent my laptop to service, heard that i may need to pay 300bucks or lesser to replace my spoiled mainboard. I'm still wondering what did i done to spoil the mainboard? I had never ever drop the laptop not even once? Perhaps i worked too hard on it. Sorry laptop please recover asap i need you hahahas! accompany me til the date i enlist PlS.

Been asking myself why i had been always deep in thoughts? Maybe i'm too free?? hahahas someone keep me busy! oh btw during the cinema this very midnight, while the movie ended and we are leaving the cinehall, got this very lady been staring at me! hmm Do i look weird in any way or maybe you are once a friend of mine which we lost contact? can sense the "eye langauge" from the lady saying : "i think i know you" hahas but who cares..

Tml would be my very last day working for singtel prepaid TD personnel. Hey all my singtel friends good luck and wishes you all the best =) Do meet up if possible hahahas.

Hey i think i misses TP, i misses those days in Temasek Polytechnic! Seeing those pictures tagged in facebOok, memories to remember; last memories of TP. I miss you all poly friends seriously! How i wish we would attend a last lecture; a last tutorial; a last CDS.

1:10 PM


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